Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Dancing

Thanks Jason, for the wonderful comments! It was a lot of fun, whatever the outcome.

A new round of classes is about to start. It is always an exciting time. My "More Ballroom" and "More Swing" classes are for those who have already had some dance -- it is always fun and challenging to make sure everyone learns something new, whether they have taken 1 or 10 of my classes before! The beginning classes are always delightful, too. The turnaround at about week #4 always makes me smile -- the dancers really begin to smooth out as they have to think less and less about the basic rhythms.

There is a regular place to dance on Sunday evenings in Muncie now -- it is billed as a single's dance, but couples are also encouraged to come. It is at Mr. DJ & Co., White River Plaze (at the corner of White River Blvd. and Nichols Ave.) -- 7:00-10:00pm (or maybe 11:00 -- I'm not sure) -- $6.00/person. Enter under the "White River Plaza" sign on the White River Blvd. side of the building (the Bingo entrance). Go up the stairs (1 flight). The studio is on the left. Hope to see you there!



Anonymous said...

i thank my lucky star that francis found somewhere nice good floor wonderful people not like a bar no alcohol as of yet but it was so nice to keep in contact with old friends we need each other in these trying times as for melody you rock you are one of the best and most graceful dancers. i have seen love your personality you are a blessing .please come to the singles dance on sunday everyone we need to build or it wont be there we lost the moose and the elks were so kind to francis we lost them uh think they may be a little lost now ??? One more thing francis has the most wonderful help anyone could have i luv ya pam

Anonymous said...

the economy is bad we are all sad but when i dance i release all things heavy on my shoulders and going to this singles dance on sunday night at white river blvd makes my week so much happier my spirit is lifted i would love to learn to dance with melody no partner but right now funds are to low. i will some day . please come to the single dance single or not all welcome to shake your bootey.