Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Economic Effect on Dance Classes

Hi Everyone!

I am really in a dilemma these days regarding my dance classes. Due to the economic downturn of the past few years, enrollment for my ballroom, swing, and Latin dance classes has bottomed out. In particular, my level II/III classes -- each of which has about three loyal and eager couples (thank you!) ready to take classes any time I offer them. Unfortunately, it has not made much business sense to go on as I have been. After advertising, room rental, and self-employment taxes, I sometimes lose money on these classes with just a few students. That wouldn't bother me so much (I love teaching these classes), except that I don't have a wealthy husband (or any husband, for that matter - lol) to support my habit!

Does anyone have any advice or ideas that might help increase enrollment for these classes? I used to teach three days a week when Dancing With the Stars first came out, then people started watching the show more for entertainment than incentive. I then went down to two classes a week. These days I only teach once a week and Beginning Ballroom is the only one that has been a consistent "go." There are usually a couple of people who want Beginning Swing or Latin classes, but these days never enough, and I hate to say, "no." Any advice would be welcome!

On a more upbeat note -- Happy 2012! I hope you all keep your dancing feet moving!!!


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