Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joy in social dancing

There is great joy in dancing socially, especially with a signifant other. I am, however, having great difficulty finding joy in dancing socially myself, ever since I lost Dale, my dance partner and love interest earlier this summer (to another woman -- ouch). I thought getting out and forcing the issue (going to singles' dances, etc.) would help matters, but it seems to only have made matters worse. Sometimes, I see Dale and his new significant other at these dances (the singles' dances!) and it really, really hurts...

New classes

New classes will be starting soon. See Home Page of my website for schedule ( I'm looking forward to teaching people how to dance again!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dance Classes

I just found out that my venue for Monday night classes starting in September has not accepted my application (College Avenue United Methodist Church). I'm so frustrated! I cannot find a venue near Muncie that is large enough that is available on Monday nights! The places that I can afford are all booked for Mondays in the Fall. Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

End of Summer

I hope everyone has been finding places to dance this summer. I recently lost my dance partner to another woman (ouch), so I haven't danced very much. Just now getting back on the dance floor at singles' dances, but the 2 closest ones (Fridays at the Muncie Moose and Sundays at the Anderson Elks) were both cancelled!! Another ouch. That means I usually have to travel and hour or more to get somewhere to dance. (It doesn't do me any good to wander into a regular dance, as everyone comes with partners.) I don't expect (nor do I really want) to find a romantic relationship at a singles' dance (it is somewhat like a bar - yuck), but I do need to dance. (Many of the men will say something like, "I've been coming here for 4 years -- or 7 years" -- etc... not a good sign!)
I'm looking forward to classes beginning in a month. At least I get to help people improve their lives and relationships with dance!!!