Saturday, December 1, 2007

Slater Hawkins

Slater Hawkins is up for sale (a cool $650K). This is a most wonderful venue for dances, but the previous owner would never let me rent the space to hold my dances there. There used to be a regular singles' dance there each month (or maybe it was twice a month) for awhile and it was really beginning to take off (having started in the dead of winter, the spring brought out more people), but the owner cut it short, not giving it a chance to really build by word of mouth (he never advertised these dances).
If I had the funds, I would buy the place, hold my classes there, and have regular dances. Arghhhh! It is very frustrating!
Please keep your ears to the ground about potential buyers. If you know of anyone who is looking into the property, I would be very interested in talking to them about some sort of arrangement. I hate to have such a great dance floor and facility unavailable, since there are so few good (and affordable) venues in this area...