Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's

Happy 2009! I hope everyone found a dance on New Year's Eve! I didn't get asked to go out for New Year's : ((( but I thought of all you guys out there dancing. Wish I could have been dancing, too, but it was OK being home... alone. I was on the road sooooo much last semester, then Christmas came so fast, and I am just now catching up at home, so it was fine.


January 2009 dance classes

Remember that new classes begin the week of January 11th! See my website for details (


Pam's comments

Thanks Pam! I appreciate all the nice comments! The Sunday night Super Singles' Dance is one of the few places to dance in this area. Anyone can come -- you don't have to be single... Remember, Sunday nights, 7-11pm, White River Plaza -- Mr. DJ's studio.